Types of Fabrics

types of fabrics

Go ahead and pick up 3 apparel from your closet, guess what their material is? Cotton? Silk? Don’t recall any other fabric? Here is a list of diverse types of fabrics-

100% Rayon- Rayon was the first man-made material. It is a shiny and smooth fabric. It is used for drapes in clothes. It is a breathable and moisture-absorbent material. Rayon is an especially good fabric for sportswear and summer dresses.

Viscose – Viscose is a semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric made from wood pulp that is used as a silk substitute, as it has a similar drape and smooth feel to the luxury material. This fabric is warm in winter and cool in summer. It is used for making blouses and jackets.

Viscose lycra –This is such a versatile fabric. It looks and acts like a woven but it has just enough Lycra to make it nearly as comfortable as a knit.

Viscose crepe- Viscose has a crepelike feel which is ideal for tops and trousers, as well as all types of summer dresses. It’s a medium-weight material that also has a lovely drape, with slight creasing. Viscose crepe fabric issoft, breathable, and has more drape than a cotton fabric

Cotton –  Cotton is made from the natural fibers of cotton plants. It’s soft, durable, and can be easily hand washed or dry cleaned. Cotton has many advantages, such as its ability to control moisture, insulate, provide comfort. It is a hypoallergic fabric which means it is perfect for sensitive skin

Cotton Poplin –Cotton poplin is a plain weave fabric with a smooth, silky surface. It has a lightweight yet sturdy structure and feels soft and cool next to the skin. Garments made from cotton poplin allow moisture to evaporate and do not cling to the body. It’s an ideal fabric for shirts, dresses, sportswear, and even trench coats

Cotton Lycra – It is a fabric made of 90% to 95% cotton with 10% to 5% of Lycra. Although pure cotton is very comfortable, it still has the disadvantages of lack of elasticity, easy wrinkling, and difficulty drying. The invention of Cotton Lycra is to solve these shortcomings. It is elastic and is famous under the name ‘Spandex’. These are generally used in making daily wear and sports outfits so as to offer comfort.

Cotton linen- While linen is similar to cotton, it is madefrom fibers derived from the stems of the flax plant instead of the bolls that grow around cotton seeds

Polyester moss crepe – Summer cool fabric-  PolyesterMoss crepe is made in a plain or dobby weave with rayon yarns, that produce a moss-like effect. It is made with Natural and also with synthetic fibers. It has a crisp and crimped appearance. This material drapes well and is one of the most comfortable to wear, it also keeps you warm in winter and cools in summer

Polyester lycra – Lycra is a type of synthetic fabric that is very elastic. It is made from a combination of polyester and polyurethane (a flexible plastic material). Due to its strength and elasticity, lycra is a popular fiber in clothing. Lycra is used in many sports garments because it offers a tight fit and will not easily ‘ride up’ during the performance.

Polyester Georgette – Polyester Georgette Fabric is a sheer luxurious material with an elegant grainy texture. Its name comes from its maker, the French fashion designer Georgette de la Plante. Georgette Fabric is woven with yarn that is tightly twisted in either the weft, warp or both. Georgette is often used for evening gowns, bridal wear, and special occasions.

Polyester chiffon – It is lightly translucent, polyester chiffon is a plain-woven fabric that is breathable, soft, and flowy. Polyester chiffon is manufactured with 100% polyester fibers in a variety of vibrant, non-fading colors. Chiffon is often used as a decorative fabric in accessories, such as a lightweight scarf for warmer months, or a beautiful sash for wear with wraps, dresses, and jackets.

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