How to Style a Shrug

shrugs styles

A shrug is the most underrated piece of clothing. Most women struggle with styling their shrugs and cannot find a better use for them than a simple covering. But why cover your body when you can flaunt it. Shrugs can be used as an accent garment. Not heard of that? Let me take you to The Shimmer House’s collection of shrugs and ways to style them.

1) SAREE BLOUSE– These days the price of blouses is as much as the saree and you still get that boring blouse. You can use a shrug as a blouse too. Wear the shrug over and tie the ends of the shrug at the front creating a bow formation in the front.

black saree blouse with shrug

2) COLOUR PUNCH– Wear your colorful shrug to add color to your boring plain dress. Arm up your shrug as usual and tie the end of the shrug in a criss-cross manner in the front and a knot in the back. This gives your waist a shape and gives colour to your outfit making it more fun and lively.

Colour Punch with shrugs

3) BANGLE IT – use your shrug as if it’s straight out of a luxury brand’s collection. Put on your shrug and use a bangle to make the end corners of the shrugs go through it and pull those ends to the back tying a secure knot. This creates beautiful couture made by you! Voila!

shrugs with bangle

4) OFFICE DINNER PARTY OUTFIT– Have no clue how to elevate your simple pencil skirt and white shirt modest but happening. Pair it up with a shrug! Wear your shrug over your shirt and tie the ends at the back and tuck the shrug in your skirt. Still, sounds boring? Add up a belt to your waist. This gives the entire outfit a chic look as well as enhances your figure.

shrugs office dinner party outfit

5) LOOK BACK– This time on your picnic date add charm to your outfit with our floral shrug. Wear the shrug with its back being the front and tie a gorgeous bow with the ends at the back.

LOOK BACK shrugs style

6) TIE UP CROP TOP– Wear your shrug and tie a knot in the front above the waist so it looks like a crop top. Pair this with a skirt, jeans, or even your lehenga and it will make you look drop-dead gorgeous.

TIE UP CROP TOP shrugs style

7) PARTY WEAR– Convert your shrug into a crop top and tie its ends across your neck which gives the top a unique look and could be worn at parties or while clubbing. It can be perfectly paired with a skirt, jeans, and pants and can be layered with a jacket.

PARTY WEAR shrugs style

These were just 7 ways to style your shrug, there could be infinity ways too. We at The Shimmer House have 100+ colors of shrugs to choose from in which all the sizes are available from XS (chest 32“) to 4XL (chest 52”). We have attractive offers as well, 3 shrugs for Rs.600 only, sure you can’t find a better deal with the best quality, design and such a variety of sizes. So what are you waiting your elevate your styling game with our shrugs and be the best-dressed person in the room?

Here are a few reels to help you style them


Find all these shrugs here. Wearing Rose Floral, Green Animal Print, Turquoise Blue, Purple Stripes and White Transparent respectively.


Blue Shrug – Available in Full Sleeves too Green Fountain Maxi DressAvailable in 7 different colours


White Lace Shrug – Combo available, you can buy full Sleeves too


Pink Skirt , 3/4th Sleeves White Lace Shrug – Available in three more colours

Sleeves White Lace Shrug
Sleeves White Lace Shrug
More ways to Style it
Sleeves White Lace Shrug

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