Plus Size Nightwear Trendy Collection at The Shimmer House

Night is the time one usually spends lounging and relaxing. To truly be able to unwind, being your most comfortable self is an important element. The Shimmer House understands this need and this is why we bring you a variety of high-quality Plus size Nightwear Trendy Collection in various fits, shapes, sizes and patterns. This ensures that you are not limited by few options and can choose something which suits all your comfort and fashion needs. 

Since all bodies are unique, we provide the liberty to choose different top and bottom sizes. This comes in handy if you have an upper or lower body disproportionate to the other half. It will ensure that the fitting of either the upper or lower garment isn’t more loose or tight than your preference because you are not limited by fixed sizes. Another special provision we provide our customers is the assortment of sizes available. We have all the sizes ranging from size S to size 4XL i.e., chest/waist measurements of 54”. Some people favor loose-fitted and breezy nightwear which is easy to move around in and others prefer fitted ones which you can hardly feel. The flexibility in sizes makes it easier for anybody to find the nightwear of their dreams.

As mentioned before, we don’t want you to be held back in terms of sizes and variety. Our website has 100+ styles of Plus size nightwear collection to choose from whether it’s night suits, nighties, lounge-wear dresses, sleepwear and sets for women. We offer a bright color palette from which you can choose a comfy piece in your or your loved ones’ favorite colors.

Here are a few of our Plus size Nightwear Trendy Collection you must see

  1. Harem Nightwear Sets

These sets are perfect to relax and unwind in. The silhouette of these pants is loose around the upper part and between the legs but tight at the ankles. The relaxed fit ensures that there is cross-ventilation so it’s perfect for even the peak of summers. In tones of yellow, blue, red and many other prints this is a nightwear set which will match your comfort needs without making you look or feel dull. Because of this, the lowers of the set can be paired with any other kurta or top and you have an indo-western look ready for casual outings.

(i) Yellow Printed Harem Nightwear Set

(ii) Blue Printed Harem Pants Nightwear Set

(iii) Orange Leopard All Over Printed Nightwear Set

  1. Legging Bottom Sets

A regular top with leggings is perhaps one of the most common nightwear ever. It’s not only simple but also practical to slip into. Our sets are also 100% stretchable cotton since comfort is always our top priority. There are a variety of patterns in various bright colors available as well. These sets are ideal for the autumn and winter months. There are also options in half, full or 3/4th sleeve lengths. Your choice can be customized into maternity wear or to add pockets. The trendy prints ensure that the top or leggings can be paired with any other clothing item for a completely different outfit.

(i) Anchor All Over Printed Nightwear Set

(ii) Anchor Print Long Top Night Suit Set – 100% Cotton

(iii) Border Arrow Print Matching Half Sleeves Night Suit Set

  1. Kurta Sets

We can all agree that a kurta is a staple to every Indian wardrobe. It looks beautiful, is comfortable to wear and practical to work in. When you don’t know what to wear, just throw on a kurta whether you are planning to go out or stay in. This is why a lot of people prefer it as the best possible nightwear. Our website has a collection of comfy Kurta Sets in 100% cotton keeping in mind the sweltering summers and even other fabrics suited for all weathers. The top is short in length and can even be paired with jeans for an ideal college outfit.

(i) Black Checks Printed Kurta Pyjama Loungewear

(ii) Green Leaves Printed Kurta Pyjama Matching Lounge Wear

(iii) Yellow Printed Kurta Pyjama Matching Lounge Wear

  1. Loose Pyjama Bottom Sets

A loose pyjama is everyone’s favorite. Everybody has multiple needs for it like working out, lounging around or sleeping in. The relaxed fit and comfortable fabric makes it easier to move around and relax in. It’s the perfect alternative even when you’re bored with jeans or palazzos. The pyjama sets at The Shimmer House meet all these needs and more, whether you’re somebody who loves cute prints or colored solids. Even getting multiple sets from this category is a great idea because you can shuffle between them so your nights are never boring.

(i) Contrast Printed Pyjama Nightwear Set

(ii) Penguin Print Nightwear Set – 100% Cotton

(iii) Full Sleeves Multicolored Stripes Night Suit Set – 100% Cotton 

(iv) Light Grey Solid Pyjama Nightwear Set

  1. Shorts Bottom Sets

Since the speeding up of global warming and climate change, India has been experiencing temperatures higher than ever before. During these sweltering months, the perfect pair of shorts become a necessity. This is why our website has a plethora of night suits with shorts options as well. Ranging from the trendiest patterns of florals or animal prints, some can even be customized to add pockets. Shorts are the ideal nightwear because they are easy to move around in and very breathable. 

(i) 100% Rayon Shorts Night Suit – Patch Printed 

(ii) Blue Print Hosiery Shorts Night Suit Set

(iii) 100% Cotton Shorts Night Suit – Cheetah Print

  1. Night Dresses 

Since dresses are graceful and elegant in every imaginable way, people think that they must be restricted to outings only. This is not true at all. Just because you are at home and relaxing doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look gorgeous for yourself, in fact it’s all the more reason to. Nightwear dresses are perfect to slip into and just climb in bed. They have become so essential that popular celebrities like Gigi Hadid and Anne Hathaway have even started styling them as street fashion!

(i) Floral Placement Night Dress – 100% Cotton 

(ii) Night Short Cami Dress

(iii) Printed Long Nighty 

(iv) With Border Peach Long Nighty 

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