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Ways to Style Multiway Crop top

Multiway Crop top

“Want more clothes” and “have no place in my closet” always seem to be ‘World Problems’ in the girl’s world. All we get in shops and showrooms are those simple spaghetti tops or halter neck tops. Where is the variation? Money might get you variation in tops and a hole in your pocket but The […]

How to Style a Shrug

shrugs styles

A shrug is the most underrated piece of clothing. Most women struggle with styling their shrugs and cannot find a better use for them than a simple covering. But why cover your body when you can flaunt it. Shrugs can be used as an accent garment. Not heard of that? Let me take you to […]

Plus Size Clothing Online

plus size clothing

From food commercials to sporting brands and from toothpaste to day-to-day TV advertisements, only straight-sized models are portrayed using them, selling them, and being the face of the brands. The question that arises is would you not buy the product if a plus-sized woman was the face of the brand?  Nearly 60% of the women […]

Types of Fabrics

types of fabrics

Go ahead and pick up 3 apparel from your closet, guess what their material is? Cotton? Silk? Don’t recall any other fabric? Here is a list of diverse types of fabrics- 100% Rayon- Rayon was the first man-made material. It is a shiny and smooth fabric. It is used for drapes in clothes. It is a […]