Top 4 Trending Plus Size Jumpsuits/Playsuits to Wear

Trending jumpsuits - Plus size

When one-piece is mentioned, dresses of various lengths and designs are what usually come to mind. But the jumpsuit is what breaks this rule. It was invented for parachuters jumping out of planes and that is where it gets its name from. It has an uncanny history rooted in music and was extensively worn by stars like Cher and Elvis. The jumpsuit was also more relevant than ever during the women’s liberation movement in Europe as it makes flexibility and femininity go hand in hand. Redefined by Lady Diana herself, today it has become synonymous to the staple of a fashionable woman.

We are going to discuss about our trending plus size Jumpsuits/Playsuits to Wear. The most unique factor is that all these pieces can be styled in multiple ways. This makes them investment pieces at affordable prices. We have the usual fits which hug your curves and feel like a bodycon. But as unusual as it is for jumpsuits, there are also multiple options for those who prefer free-flowing clothes that don’t enhance their body shape. From the hottest prints like stripes, florals and polka dots to the most happening styles like front-tie, halter neck and playsuits, you will find it all at this one stop.

Our trending plus size jumpsuit/playsuit collection


Free size is the best size because it fits small and big bodies alike and looks great on either. There is no hassle of size or alterations as it is a relaxed fit alternative for all. This jumpsuit/Playsuit is even made of stretchable viscose fabric so not only is it soft and breathable but that also eases all your concerns about sizing issues. The gorgeous shade of purple makes it a very versatile piece which can be worn casually and even at parties with the right accessorization. 

Simply worn, it has a simple round neckline. But if you are in the mood to experiment, it can be worn in two more fabulous ways. The first is to move both straps to one shoulder and make it an off-shoulder jumpsuit. The second is to switch both straps so they hug your neck giving a criss-cross look to the front.


This khaki Plus size jumpsuit/Playsuit is a classic in more than one way. The color is no doubt timeless and can be paired easily with anything. The style is simple but effortless, just put it together with any t-shirt at all and you are good to go. The fit is perfect if you prefer clothes that accentuate your curves or even if you are someone who only feels confident in loose clothes. This is because it is somewhere in between and caters to both needs.

As promised for all, even this jumpsuit can be styled in multiple ways. The first is to simply tie the straps into bows on your shoulders. The second is to tie the first pair of steps at the back of your neck and the second at the front of your waist. The third is to tie the pair of straps above around your neck like a choker and the second pair like you would for any other trousers.


This is another trending Plus size jumpsuit flexible for all moods and occasions. The mustard color will make you stand out in every setting. The flare at the lower half aptly balances the daring V neckline. It can be paired with the usual silver or golden jewelry but it also has the potential to be color blocked with a completely unexpected shade.

It can be worn in three completely different ways. First is the regular, tying the straps into cute little bows on your shoulders. For the second one, you need to tie the straps together at the back of your neck and tie the remaining two around your waist so it looks like a belt. In the third style, the first step remains the same where you tie the straps behind your neck. Tie the other pair of straps on top of the first pair running along your chest. This will give you a more sturdy neckline.


This one is evidently one of the hottest pieces from our collection that you need to get your hands on ASAP! The fit, flare, hue, details, everything screams sophistication. Starting with the delicate pebble white pattern on a deep shade of blue, this color combination is the cherry on top. The plunged neckline and the straight-leg trousers will flatter your body like you embody vintage vogue!

It can be styled into two uncomplicated formal looks. The first one is by tying the strings around your waist so it molds into a pair of printed trousers which can be paired with any shirt or t-shirt of your choice.  The second look of a sexy backless jumpsuit comes about when you tie the first pair of strings at the back of your neck and the second around your waist like a secured belt.

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