Ways to Style Multiway Crop top

Multiway Crop top

“Want more clothes” and “have no place in my closet” always seem to be ‘World Problems’ in the girl’s world. All we get in shops and showrooms are those simple spaghetti tops or halter neck tops. Where is the variation? Money might get you variation in tops and a hole in your pocket but The Shimmer House will get you a multi-way top in just Rs.500, which you can style and tie in infinity ways. So here are a few ways out of a million ways to style this top.

1) DEEP NECK– This is one of the easiest ways, wear the top as usual and take the respective sides back on the respective shoulders and bring the sides to the front and tie a knot on your waist. This gives you a straight deep neck or bring the extra edges in the front to create a more fun element. This style is backless and has a deep neck. It can be paired with jeans and a sequin jacket to give you a perfect clubbing look.

2) CRISS CROSS– This style is very fun and gives a very beach concert vibes. Take the two sides, crisscross them above your chest, tie the ends behind your neck and bring the sides back in the front on your waist and make a cute knot with it. Pair the top with an A-cut floral skirt and let the skirt wave through the waves giving you a perfect beach outfit.

3) ETHNIC BLOUSE– Switch your boring blouses with these sexy multi-way tops. Make a halter neck with this top by overlapping the sides above your chest and tying a knot behind your neck and bringing the sides to the front and tying a knot on your waist. This gives you a straight deep neck. Drape a saree over this and add some silver jewelry, and create your own indo western look.


4) ONE SHOULDER– Put on the top and bring both the sides to one side of the shoulder and bring the knot back under the opposite side shoulder and back a flower-shaped knot with this. This one-sided top gives you a chic look, you can wear this with flared pants and look like a 90s heroine.


5) WRAP AND KNOTS– Take one side of the top to the other side of the shoulder and then overlap the other side doing the same, tie the sides around in front of your waist, creating 2 sets of knots. This fun top could be paired with a leather jacket to balance out the work in the top of the top could be worn alone if you the DRAMA QUEEN.


TIP: The styling options are endless, and that includes tying it into a barely-there top for sweltering days ahead. The DIY style hack comes with its own set of challenges, including avoiding the unwanted nip slip. If you’re dying to try the trend but fear a wardrobe malfunction, grab yourself a top-rated pastie and keep it movin’.

These were just 5 ways and this top isn’t just a multi-way top, it’s an INFINITY TOP. Could be styled and shaped in soo many different ways you cannot imagine of. Buy your very own multi-way top from our website, because we at The Shimmer House provide you with your fashion needs at the best price and quality with the latest trends in your perfect size. Do try out our multi-way top and tag us on our Instagram @theshimmerhouseclothing .

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