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Women clothing and accessories at affordable prices

We have all possible categories of women clothing available at this one stop, so you don’t have to go around for your dream wardrobe. Plus size women clothing has been one of our USPs.  We have a variety of women clothing available in all sizes, whether it is women dresses, skirts, shorts, nightwear sets, all varieties of top wear, jumpsuits, or even outerwear like shrugs. We make sure that all styles are in touch with the latest trends so you will find the hottest prints and designs, all on our website. We have innumerable options under each women clothing category. 

The sizes on our website for all available women clothing range from XS to 5XL. Our women clothing sizing is different from other available brands, it is inclusive and body-positive in every way. But everybody has differently shaped bodies and needs different sizes for all women clothing. We still don’t want you to compromise in terms of fitting especially for the plus size clothing, that is why we have introduced our Tailored Section. Under this, all you need to do is provide us with your exact measurements and we will have a custom piece in accordance made just for you!  

Our collection of designer clothes for women

We assure you about the superior quality of our products. We use export quality fabrics for all the women clothing that we manufacture. These women plus size clothing which are manufactured in India are exported to European markets because of their demand. So, you can definitely invest in them without thinking twice. 

Our women nightwear sets are comfortable and fashionable, an unusual combination. They are ideal for lounging around on a lazy day or they can even be revamped for a casual outing. If you are a minimalist girl, we also have every possible style available in solid colors. Even if you are running on a budget, these can be paired with different women clothing items to make endless outfit combinations. Our plus size clothing is a great catch too.  A feature here for your convenience is that you can even choose different top and bottom sizes for the same set! This is because we respect that all bodies are unique and beautiful in their own ways.  

 In the sweltering summers and unbearable humidity of India, shorts become a necessity. Our women short category has it all – plus sizes shorts are our bestsellers, ideal fits and refreshing prints. But not everybody is comfortable wearing shorts because of their length, could be to avoid chafing, or because shorts tend to ride up and they are self-conscious showing skin. That is why we have customizations available for all the women shorts on our website. You can get the length modified according to your preference. There is even an option to add pockets to the shorts for women. Plus size shorts available too.  

 It is evident that we address all possible concerns of our customers, whether it is in terms of variety, sizing, quality or even individual preferences. Therefore, The Shimmer House is a brand you can trust without a second thought. So, buy affordable women plus size clothing which meet all your needs from our unique collection today and have it delivered to your doorstep, with COD Available, Worldwide Shipping and Upto 80% OFF!