From food commercials to sporting brands and from toothpaste to day-to-day TV advertisements, only straight-sized models are portrayed using them, selling them, and being the face of the brands. The question that arises is would you not buy the product if a plus-sized woman was the face of the brand?

 Nearly 60% of the women are plus size, this also means that the clothing industry for plus size women must be larger. But no, apart from the hustle of finding the correct size it’s even harder to find the perfect apparel at an affordable price that doesn’t hurt your pocket. The clothes available at the high-end plus-sized clothing brands that you find drop-dead gorgeous are way too expensive. 

 Why just settle for whatever you find in your size and be forced to buy whatever is available, you deserve to look stunning too and create your ideal outfit. The fashion industry’s problem with plus size is an old-time issue and to date, there is no major focus on plus size clothing.

We at The Shimmer House take all these problems into consideration. We provide you with glamorous apparel at affordable prices without compromising the quality where the price is the same for all the sizes. Sounds like a treat!  

We believe in redefining fashion standards so that young women don’t grow up feeling devalued by the fashion industry and advertising. It is very critical to create a body-positive environment for young women to grow up in. The fashion industry’s incapability to accommodate plus size fashion is a problem that has existed since time immemorial and to date, there has been no major focus on the inclusion of plus size clothing.

 Not everybody is the same, everybody has a different soul and charisma of their own. Generalizing a single body type as ideal/ idolizing it as the model body type makes it a very toxic environment for women to feel confident. Look at everyone around we all have different personalities and different bodies. 

 We understand that sometimes you require a different size for the top and bottom. The Shimmer house gives an option to choose a different top and bottom size in our nightwear collection. You do not have to worry about not being able to find the “right-size” anymore, we are a one-stop-shop for all the beautiful bodies. 

We have the latest trendy clothing available in all sizes where you don’t have to compromise style for size.

Along with our differences, everybody has different opinions on what an “ideal” figure other words, what you consider to be the “perfect” body type for you might be completely different than what other people consider to be “perfect” for them. Never alter yourself for the standards that others have raised. 

Make sure that you keep the process of loving yourself personalized, doesn’t work on “LOOK LIKE HER”, but rather to get to the best version of yourself. Be who you are. Be your version of perfection and beauty dear what makes you feel yourself and comfortable about your body. The day you learn to love yourself is the day you learn that you’ve reached the right place in your life.

Keep loving yourself, you are growing.

Here are two videos with our model wearing 4XL size.




August 07, 2023