In today's digital age, the world is within reach – all thanks to the internet. From one corner of the globe to the other, orders swiftly arrive at doorsteps. Accessible and affordable, the latest fashion trends dazzle. However, a lingering doubt clouds online shopping: "How to Select the Right Clothing Size?"

Generations have heard the wisdom of traditional shopping, where fabric is felt, quality assured, and fit confirmed before purchase. Yet, the allure of e-commerce is undeniable. Why brave the elements when endless options await with just a tap?

At The Shimmer House, we empathize with these concerns. Thus, we've crafted a meticulous guide, illuminating the path to your perfect clothing size. Step into our expansive women's clothing collection with confidence.

Begin by assessing your wardrobe staples – a size frequently worn becomes a reliable baseline. Peruse the online size chart of your preferred, well-fitting brand and cross-reference it with ours.

Sizing nuances vary across brands. Even if your chosen size remains constant, different labels yield snug or loose outcomes. For instance, a 'M' in Brand X could translate to an 'S' in Brand Y.

The second step is to get familiar with your exact dimensions by measuring yourself the right way. Starting from the very top, it’s better to wear an underwired, non-padded bra while measuring your bust. A general measurement is good enough if it’s for a top or kurti. But if it’s for bra shopping, things get a little more elaborate.

Precision is important – you will be surprised to know that as much as 85% Indian women wear the wrong size of bra. This is actually harmful for your health in the long-term and can even lead to breast cancer!

First measure your under bust and then the most protruding part of your breasts, which is the over bust. Measure the larger bust if your breasts are of different dimensions, which is completely normal. If your breasts tend to swell during periods then make sure to wait till they return to their regular size.

When it comes to the waist, keep the measuring tape above your belly button but under your rib cage. For hips, measure at the widest point while keeping a distance of 6 inches between your feet. When it comes to flowers, whether it’s salwars or palazzos, simply measure at the point from which you usually tie your salwar.

The next important step is to consider the material used. There are different types of fabric that are used and some materials are more forgiving than others. At this point, you can decide whether you need to size up or down in accordance to the fabric. For example, if it’s cotton with no elastane then it’s going to be stiff until hours of wear relaxes the garment. Considering fabrics with elastane, like spandex or lycra, they will have a lot of stretch and you can be flexible with the sizing. Other materials which you need to be careful with include polyester because it is resistant to shrinking and rayon because it neither shrinks nor stretches.

Whenever you are stuck between sizes or feel unsure about your measurements, it’s always better to size up. This is because a larger piece can be quickly and cheaply altered to your measurements by a tailor or you can do it yourself if you are handy with a needle and love it too much to return it. The same cannot be done with a smaller size because it’s such a tedious task to add more fabric to a ready-made garment.


If you are still confused about your size or unsure regarding measurements, you are welcome to message us on Instagram and we would be more than glad to help you through the sizes.

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August 07, 2023